Saturday, September 09, 2006

The first blog and why

Its been quite sometime since I created my blog account and till now hadn’t post a thing. One reason was that I was too lazy to type long things writing is defiantly much easier.
Secondly time constraint and thirdly and most importantly I have been trying to figure out as to what should be written in my first blog. ABOUT ME or MY LIFE. NAAAits not that interesting. In fact sometimes its downright boring even to me myself!! So why the hell would anybody strain their eyes to read about me!!! let alone perfect strangers ..i might actually need to BRIBE my FRIENDS to read this piece and post a comment.
Hence I was trying to find something interesting…something that can catch a readers interest and I express my opinion about it (now as if it matters). After long time I narrowed down upon 3 words which perhaps are most discussed subjects irrespective of age, county ,gender ,class, culture. These are GOD, LOVE, and SEX. So much (good and evil) have happened in the name of these three. The other topics such as money , ideology , power , politics are more or less but derivatives of these three.
Another topic that could have been interesting was DEATH but lets not start anything with as morbid as that.
The important thing is WHY BLOG AT ALL.?? A recent article in magazine surveyed on this and reported “ BLOGGING – Its all about ME !!” It means people want to express and want to be listened to. So I am here too to express and share my insights with whosoever cares to know what I think and feel. So happy reading and I hope I don’t bore you people.