Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Great evening with Joy encased..Those who read may they be blessed ..

It has been practically another year that I haven’t blogged, but honestly, I have been working hard and partying harder. So basically I was busy living my life. Today was yet another awesome evening. Having good people around you really makes a difference. There is this awesome couple I am friends with. They are fun people to be around. I wonder if they would like to be their names disclosed here so let’s call them just “The Couple” I have known then since their dating days and now they are proverbial modern man and wife. I have been socializing with them quite often. They take me out at least once a month and we always have some weird wacky and stimulating conversations. My friends wife thinks me and her hubby are old school people, we kind of enjoy that too.
So today was yet another awesome evening. The weather here is pretty romantic.  Cool breeze and very light drizzle, a roadside hot steaming tasty omelette and boiled eggs, dash of fantastic wine. Later  a chilled iced lemon tea in CCD. Witty conversations, intense discussions and laughter over our ideas and idoitness , and yes a little leg pulling, this is what sums up today evening.
I come home at night with a happy high and refreshed for tomorrow’s challenges, an MBA assignment about business legislation and lots of rummaging and packing for flying to meet another awesome friend in a city of dreams and opportunity. Another charged up workshop on energy healing.
It is my life, at full throttle, with highs and lows yet so chilled. At mid night I tweet, expressing my gratitude to the universal power, thanking, expressing my gratitude ..
My life is an awesome party, and god thank you for making it one ..thank you for this great evening, and many more to come..I live my life with zeal and zest ..and thank you god for keeping it blessed …AMEN..