Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bygone year

Today I am inspired to write again. It has been practically more than a year that I wrote anything in my blog and I wonder as to how I have still managed to garner around 100 views in the last 1-2 months. Although I am writing more than 1500 words on a daily basis I was too exhausted to write in my blog. I was never even inspired.
Today I saw this movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and remembered that I had planned 2 such trips with Sid and Rocky. We had planned about a road trip to Leh and Laddakh and a holiday in Thailand. We too had some things like white water rafting and trekking planned for ourselves. I do not know when that would be. Firstly let’s recap what happened in last year. From July 2010 to July 2011
The year that has gone by has been very eventful. I have grown lot as a person. I did things that wanted to do, and also got to do things I never thought was possible ever. I travelled as much as I never travelled before. I basically started earning and spending as well. I got involved with 2 special persons. I got a girlfriend a relationship and a break up too. I got asked by nearly 5 girls in 10 months. (Still feeling wow about it).
Work wise, I got a job; I got promoted twice, left it and got another one too. I lost a friend and well wisher to sudden death and formed new association at the work place. I wrote several more articles reviews and web content and got them published in hundreds of more websites. I taught an SEO Class, and I booked 2domain names and started work on 2 of my websites. I met 2 celebrities and had lunch with one. It was wonderful to have lunch with a fabulous looking, beautiful actress, someone who adorned 100 pictures in my computer. I conducted 2 successful healing related workshops in Mumbai and several more in Nagpur. I garnered praise and criticism too. I am somehow peaceful with the paradoxes in my life.
First time in life I had complete boys time out, first time I had wine. I travelled for work I travelled for leisure. I flew in plane, sailed on boat, travelled by train, bus, car, auto, and hand held rickshaw. I broke friendships and I made some new ones too. I watched as many movies in theaters as I had never watched before. I also read 3- novels.
I went on to become more materialistic than I ever was and yet never felt more spiritual from inside. I also ended up seeing some more of my past lives discovered some patterns and worked on healing them too. I healed several of my issues and progressed. For the coming years now I feel like living more vibrantly. I captured many moments in my camera and now somehow feel drawn towards photography too.
As I look back I am happy to see that I lived a “Full Throttle” life in the last one year. For the bygone year I can say yes!! I started living. I am full of dreams and aspiration for the coming time. More on that in the next post.