Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bygone year

Today I am inspired to write again. It has been practically more than a year that I wrote anything in my blog and I wonder as to how I have still managed to garner around 100 views in the last 1-2 months. Although I am writing more than 1500 words on a daily basis I was too exhausted to write in my blog. I was never even inspired.
Today I saw this movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and remembered that I had planned 2 such trips with Sid and Rocky. We had planned about a road trip to Leh and Laddakh and a holiday in Thailand. We too had some things like white water rafting and trekking planned for ourselves. I do not know when that would be. Firstly let’s recap what happened in last year. From July 2010 to July 2011
The year that has gone by has been very eventful. I have grown lot as a person. I did things that wanted to do, and also got to do things I never thought was possible ever. I travelled as much as I never travelled before. I basically started earning and spending as well. I got involved with 2 special persons. I got a girlfriend a relationship and a break up too. I got asked by nearly 5 girls in 10 months. (Still feeling wow about it).
Work wise, I got a job; I got promoted twice, left it and got another one too. I lost a friend and well wisher to sudden death and formed new association at the work place. I wrote several more articles reviews and web content and got them published in hundreds of more websites. I taught an SEO Class, and I booked 2domain names and started work on 2 of my websites. I met 2 celebrities and had lunch with one. It was wonderful to have lunch with a fabulous looking, beautiful actress, someone who adorned 100 pictures in my computer. I conducted 2 successful healing related workshops in Mumbai and several more in Nagpur. I garnered praise and criticism too. I am somehow peaceful with the paradoxes in my life.
First time in life I had complete boys time out, first time I had wine. I travelled for work I travelled for leisure. I flew in plane, sailed on boat, travelled by train, bus, car, auto, and hand held rickshaw. I broke friendships and I made some new ones too. I watched as many movies in theaters as I had never watched before. I also read 3- novels.
I went on to become more materialistic than I ever was and yet never felt more spiritual from inside. I also ended up seeing some more of my past lives discovered some patterns and worked on healing them too. I healed several of my issues and progressed. For the coming years now I feel like living more vibrantly. I captured many moments in my camera and now somehow feel drawn towards photography too.
As I look back I am happy to see that I lived a “Full Throttle” life in the last one year. For the bygone year I can say yes!! I started living. I am full of dreams and aspiration for the coming time. More on that in the next post.


Devi said...

It's amazing what we do and don't do in our lives. Yet, they come to us when it is right. You've had a full year! A bit worried about the 100 pics of one girl on your computer tho, ha, ha ha! Love you Shreesh and see you in the future.


Rocky said...

Yes my dear brother ! It is amazing to have observed all this and done it all in such a short span of time ! Be humble about your achievements, respect your failures and kind towards people ! May you soar high with success and peace !

Snehal Trivedi said...

Its WOW. You didn't told abt ur grlfrnd dear, that i read in this blog, (i want to know if u can tell us)
Its really very good that u r observing these things in ur life as not many people do these things nowadays. Good luck for the next year, and let me know abt it. Eagerly waiting for the next post.