Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Blog Again

WOW .August 2006 is the time since I have this blogger account. And I have posted so little. August 2006 to December 2006 itself has something 5 posts and the whole 2007 has gone by and I have like just 6 posts. Means once in 2 months I posted something and that too not necessarily my own views. I was wondering about myself recently. What was the reason I started off blogging in the first place and why didn’t I post anything?
Apart from the lame excuses of “no time” to real reasons like being Lazy or just wanting to avoid the pain my right hand has after the typing , I have suddenly hit upon the truth. It flashed in my mind as I was looking at some old photos in my orkut albums. One of them was a funny T-shirt message saying “Of course I am out of my mind it’s dark and scary in there”
BINGO!! So that was it!! I was just avoiding going back in my mind to think about the stuff that happened. Or the things that touched me or I strongly felt about, or even blogged bout in my mind but never put on paper. This too again seems to have reason. Somewhere I was saying to myself it’s useless to go back and think about the same thing again and put it in presentable form. After all it’s gone and what’s the point of brooding over the same thing. However I was subconsciously using this “being in now practice” as a tool to avoid the issues that could really use up some introspection. WOW how subtly the mind works and avoids the core problems and tries to escape the pain and fear of witnessing something unpleasant inside of our own selves. But now I have decided not to take this path of least resistance and not succumb to the comfort zone of my mind. So I shall first start off with the pending things about which I was going to write. So now I can expect myself to blog more often.


Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

Well then Get ON IT!!!!

Where is your next post??

We are waiting!

Kaddu said...

Keep digging!

All the best!