Sunday, February 03, 2008

2012-From an Astrological View

In my last post i embedded a video about the metaphysics and the NEW AGE. This one tells or rather tries to prove the theory of 2012 as coming of the golden age from the astrological point of view. Not that i understood much of it...rather i hardly understand any astrologer for that matter..Who keep telling us about THIS planet IN THAT Planets house...I am like HUH..Planets have being ascendant and another going retrograde. Recently one of my friends wrote on the "Mars Retrograde" so i decided to look up as to what the hell Retrograde means ,I mean how can i understand the post if i don’t know the meaning of the title itself .but it was futile .As it turned out retrograde meant planet going in a reverse direction. Indian's call it as VAKRI...I was like WHAT how can suddenly some planet travel backwards..Then it was clarified that it Appears going back when actually moving forward..Hum some crazy optical illusion due the REALTIVE movements of planets..[I do enjoy inserting theory of relativity into something or the other, makes me feel some kind of high and special] however this too was short lived as the guy i was talking about this [Big M i call him, those who have met him will know why] told me it Mathematically appears that they are going in opposite direction. That left me in even more LURCH..MATHEMATICALY...well must be some concept like minus omega..yeah it took me long time to digest about the Negative sign of the angular frequency [frequency is reciprocal of time...but how can time be negative..and if time can’t be negative ..How can frequency be negative]
OK OK ..That’s my left brain over working. So before someone just closes this blog i better give this video. Hope you like it and gives you some HOPE..

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