Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Video Post

The reason I haven’t posted anything for so long is not because I was lazy, but I was experiencing some kind of a writer’s block and at the same time I was honestly busy.
The last whole month and especially last 2 weeks seem to have brought a whirl wind of changes.
Though all of them are not very pleasant but I firmly believe that all are for the ultimate best. This is something I have started referring to as second wave of a multi dimensional cleansing process.
Not a single day is going without learning something new about myself or something completely new or rather completely ignored aspects of lot of things.
Among the various things, one of the foremost is about angels. There is a lot I could speak ask and discuss however I will just end this blog by adding this video from you tube about angelic humans.
I am adding this as a offering and a tribute to those people in my life who fit in the category described in the video. I really thank the supreme spirit to have made me come in touch with you.

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Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

Awesome video! Finally out of all of the videos you have ever sent links on this is one of the best!