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Interesting Facts About Reiki.

Interesting Facts about Reiki.

1. Dr Usui never taught about chakras. The original attunement process called REIJU in japanese did not involve any chakras nor symbols,

2. Actual reju did not involve attuning the tandai points also. The original usui reju attuned the person’s aura as a whole entity

to reiki.
3. Original Reiju did not involve Imprinting symbols on chakras as done today ..but involved chanting of WAKA lines or shingon mantra.

3. The level one was called as shoden level 2 as okuden and third or teacher ship level was called as shinpindin.(now a day’s 4 or five levels are practiced).

4, The person after Takata..Most probably Barbara Weber ray introduced the concepts of chakras.

5. The word ATTUNEMENT means tuning into the frequency of reiki Just like we Tune the radio or TV to a frequency to receive transmission of a particular channel.

6. There is still one gakkai (means society) in Japan which still uses the same old reiju procedure on weekly basis like Dr Usui did. One of the members Mr Hirosho Doi and his friends were actually surprised at the way attunements are done in western world. Like a person was considered having completed shoden after 4 weeks of training in hands on healing.each week there used to be a 4 rejus and training would make level one, but the way we practice it today ..We get all 4 attunements in a single day.

This happened because Dr hayashi did 4 rejus in 4 days which was again changed by takata into one single day for the convenience of the busy western world.

7. The research of Walter Lubeck, Mark Hosak, frank ajavara petter,william lee rand, shows the original facts..up to the details of what Practices Dr Usui did to undergo to be able to reicive reiki. Like the pilgrimage of 88 temples he had to undergo.
8. His 21 days of sadhana included what is now called as morning star meditation..Chanting of heart sutra and dimond sutra and a specific mantra of the medicine buddha vajrasattva. And certain kriyas and mudra meditations chiba breathing pranayams.
9. Dr Usui selected Mt Kyoto Koriyama for his final stage of sadhana coz at least 2 people before him received their enlightenment there. One of them was most famous monk called Kukai.

If you want some details you may refer to book called "Complete reiki source book" the other details are included in other books.

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