Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shifted Energies

SO the big lazy me is here again. Guilty of not blogging for quite some time now.
Apart from my exams which went ok and so so ; With as usual giving me taste of variety of things, Right from anxiety to elation and rapture to possession (I know it sounds absurd but only those who have spoken to me in that period would know what I am talking about);I got to see things on the spectrum ranging from one polarity to another. And no sooner my exams were over; I have had a rush of people here. And I was amazed at the stamina at with which I could talk.
TALK TALK TALK ..Thats all I did for nearly 9hrs or more constantly for 3 days. I spoke so much that my vocal chords actually could feel the fatigue. When I proudly told of this feat to a friend of mine on the chat, she was completely UN-IMPRESSED.
She was like "SO - Big deal you spoke, that’s what you always do" She has this belief that I always talk too much, whereas the fact is I have actually remained silent sparingly talking with my mom only when necessary and in practical MAUNA for days at a stretch. And my friend just didn't believe it.
However today has been quieter. And by evening i had that very typical sensation of strain on the crown chakra. So I went to Mr.Manjunath to check my energy levels with his Lecher Antenna.
What I found was completely opposite of what i was expecting. In so many months whenever I have had that strain on crown feeling, it’s usually the global and telluric energies that are affected and dripped. However, today my cosmic was little less than usual. Still strong than most general population (8100), my cosmic level hardly goes down below 8600 and is max times at full 9000 bovis units. And even more surprising was that my global and telluric energies were at full 9000 level. I wonder how did this happen. And whatever is the case I am surprised that even at 8000 cosmic I can feel strain of the head, whereas for max people they never go above 7 or max 7.5K.
However this too has its advantages. After many days i was doing lots of work and accomplished maximum things i had decided. This is a very typical feature of good telluric energies. I hope I remain balanced on all the 3 fronts.
A LOT has happened that can be enthusiastically blogged about; hopefully I shall be coming up with some posts pretty soon. However i still wonder what may have caused this shift?


Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

First off...I know you are tired but I have GOT to comment on all of the typos, grammatical errors, EVERYTHING.

Secondly when I first spoke to you, you talked my freaking ear off! Need I remind you of the 3...let me count them 1-2-3 hour conversation on the phone when you were in Mumbai? Our conversations last for at least an hour unless I say get on the cpu.

Thirdly, I too wonder what has happened! What did Mr. M explain it and what can be expected?

Shreesh said...

OK madam ..corrections are done and the whole damned thing is Re Posted