Sunday, July 20, 2008

No power for Unfinished tasks

Well another long gap in blogging. But the fact is that I have nearly 3 blog posts half or more than half written and nearly 4 half written emails to be posted, and main reason for them to remain unfinished ( Besids my being a lil lazy n spoilt), is that we have been running low on power. We are having powercuts. Although initially they were on 3hrs duration..that itself made my timings for other things and net surfing different n difficuilt..Then they increased it by 45 mins. Now the newspaper reports that it shall be extended even more for n hour a day.And in addition to that,water supply is going to be restricted.How sicker can that get. Already my timings are distorted. hence really not finding serious time for some serious blogging. Lets see n hope that we get out of this crisis ..there is much to be written n told.till then seeya ...
In love n light

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