Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chomping Away

This is all I can say my day has been, as I look back on today. I love eating but I am not too much of a foodie, and for a few days I am already eating a bit less, however today I have been feeling hungrier. I started off my day with my black tea and biscuits, followed in the day with my regular meal of Sabzi ,Rotis ,plain dal ,mutter rice and butter milk. And as the day progressed I ended up eating 3 cupcakes one packet of plain salted lays chips, few khari puff’s half a banana one boiled egg half packet of light but tasty kurkure snacks and few bites of jagerry cheekkie. But even after all of this as I went out to shop for some stuff mom told me to get I was thinking of just food. It was like I was obsessed. Something is surely wrong. I am not this kinda person who would binge on so much in a day. As I couldn’t control myself I finally ended up eating a masala pav in local haldiram’s. And as I am writing this away I am again getting hungry. This is seriously weird. Why does one get so hungry suddenly?


Kaddu said...

Dude! U r on drugs for severe ulcers in ur colon... n u r chomping away on mutter, butter milk, chips, egg, kurkure, peanuts (in the Chikki) and masala pav! Why don't u simply hang urself from a tree? Will at least save on the cost of ur meds! Show sum responsibility for ur life dude! Don't act so immaturely!

Shreesh said...

I dunno ...I was just mad today. Iam preety controlled but something was seriouly different today. That's what got me worried and hence i blogged about it.Now dont make me more guilty.

Kameshwari said...

hey shree
dont worry so much
its ok that you ve had
dont keep worrying about it!!!!!
just chill out its usually caused as the side effect of the drugs you take!!!!