Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chomping figured out

So I figured out why I was so hungry yesterday. It was my medicine; Prednisolone which is a corticosteroid which is given for ulcerative colitis has an effect of making people hungry. There for it’s also given to people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer for making them hungry. So it was just simple organic stuff. But I got all worried about it thought about it and blogged about it. I got a full hour long bashing from people for being a kind of irresponsible, and see what I was avoiding to see in myself and feeding my body instead, what was my inner void etc.
Only two people had a different perspective one said it’s ok to make some mistake sometime and it was only another front from Texas who said not to go in this kind of thing and be rational and look for practical reason. And that it was what it turned out to be. But there is more to it than this.
First how mind goes in judgmental spin about people, situations and our own self. Secondly conditioned way of seeing things, we see only in manner we think is right. I got out of that think quickly as I got a sound grounded advice from my friend in Texas. Being grounded means, being real and not going in spin or the regular brain circuits which fire automatically at any kind of trigger.


Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

Your friend in Texas is very wise! I didn't see it necessary to give you a thrashing over something you couldn't control. I have that counselor cap on where many of my clients do take a tumble and get back up again. Thus, my words of we all make mistakes. What can you do? Block it and go! And see! You found out----it was a side effect of the meds so now when you find yourself eating alot you can stop and try to control this if possible. And yea, thanks for the chemo dreams last reminded me my mom was on the same stuff to gain weight during chemo!

Kaddu said...

There are always 2 kinds of friends in this world:

1. Who see what you appear to be & accept u just like tht... and try to mk u comfortable with that image.

2. Who see what you are capable of being, & hence keep trying to push you beyond your limits & not let u settle in comfortably at where u are.

If u take a moment to reflect upon this, you'll realize that this 2nd grp of ppl... while they may seem a harsh critic of u... are the ones to protest with equal vigor if they see YOU criticizing urself unnecessarily!

Let's face it - some ppl in our lives just watch from a distance, but, others actually hold our hands & join us in our journeys... feeling all those nasty bumps & falls in our path, just like we do!

It's easy to blame the meds, the ppl, the situation, whatever... for our own setbacks... but the fact remains that when u eventually realize u hv missed out on sth, ur heart will accept no excuses!

It doesn't matter today that my Mom put me in Dance when I wanted to do Karate insetad. The fact is that *I* had a choice & *I* didn't use it. The keyword here is "I".

There are always 2 choices for each of us -- the easy one & the difficult one. But we have to choose.

Take care.

Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

I never got him criticizing himself for over indulging. I only received him criticizing himself when he felt he had lost too much weight. People make mistakes-you live and learn. It is how we go about helping our friends "live and learn" or the approach to it that sends the correct message across so it stays.

My mom used to give me a verbal thrashing and I found myself half the time not listening. I think we all do. Yet, when approached non-confrontational like and discuss "why" the action may have occurred, I 99% retained the info much more and understood it better. People tend to want to shut off when they start getting bombarded either with verbal communication or chatting. I am the kind of friend that wants to help show what is wrong without having to be a mother.

And yea uhhh side effect is a side effect. When he was sleeping most of the time as a result from the ulcer, could he help that? No, not until he found out what it was. Case in point with the medicine. If you, Shreesh, had over indulged more than once in 2-3 days then yes, I would have been more aggratory with you just as I was when you were experiencing the side effects and after a bit of time doing nothing--so I was more firm in my approach! Take care.

Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

***Side effects meant to be the symptoms before your ulcer, thus I was more firm in my approach! MUCH MORE FIRM. :P We won't go into recalling that now will we! LOL