Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bhagwan Answers-.On the nature of the mind

Dear Readers, This is the another part of the series of answers which the founder of oneness university shri bhagwan gave. This one pertains to the nature of the mind.
The nature of mind is to find fault with others, judge, blame, and label others due to preconditioned perception. If the perception is negative then the mind keeps on commenting, 'He is bad, she nags, he does not understand me, she is too suspicious, they do not love me, I have no respect in the family, everybody uses me', and so on. Everything would be colored, hence you would continue to blame others and hence we develop dislike. Dislike slowly turns into hatred which spoils relationship. Because of this broken relationship, however good the others are we are not able to 'see' the truth.

Mind generates logic due to fear but heart emanates truth. Fear is manifesting as hatred, jealousy, anger, and violence in families and society. Stress comes not because of physical work but from negative approach. We can see truth only when we love others. Logic destroys love. It is not possible to love after you have judged. Hence we suffer.

Unless we learn the art of 'seeing' with internal integrity, we will not be able to see the truth and discover love. If we can love only then we can forgive and seek forgiveness. One should develop extreme patience to maintain love and peace in the relationship.

God's grace flows naturally to those whose relations are set right, particularly with the parents.

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Devanshi ~ Danelle said...

How do you get the parents to flow properly and release all of the bunged up junk they store from conditioning? Isn't it a vicious cycle going around and around when the parents aren't opening themselves up as we are? Sure we can do the forgiveness, etc but if you are living in your parents house and they are firmly objecting to everything, you aren't truly being allowed to be free.