Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shri Bhagwan Answers on Enlightinment

Question: What is the real meaning of Enlightenment?
Sri Kalki: See, to be enlightened is not to feel separate from the other.You are there. You feel you are separate from all these people. Suppose you are to become enlightened, you will say you only are the other. If you feel that way, where can there be conflict? There can only be love. Isn 't it? That's all there is to it. And always there is happiness also. A happy person cannot trouble others. An unhappy person will be pinching other. Will give pain to others. After Enlightenment nobody gives trouble to another. Everybody is happy. You will find in this village, all people gathering, singing and dancing. All kinds. Caste is not a problem. Once you are Enlightened there is no caste. The Harijan, the Bramhin, all will be singing and dancing. Everything goes off.
The caste is gone. Muslims dancing with Hindus - you can see it in this village. Everything has happened because they are in a different state. They are all helping. You don't find street fights. Completely transformed. And we had taken up this place because it was a horrible place. That's where we have proved it. Total transformation.

Every month we are having a program. Atleast 500 people come for Enlightenment from the local villages. People are standing in a queue, because we cannot take more than that. It is spreading very fast. Imagine the whole of India Enlightened. Then, what happens to all the problems that we are talking about? There is a coolie in this village who is Enlightened. Now, every rich man wants her to come their house and perform Kalasha Pooja in their house. It's a pride to invite her to their house now. All social dynamics have changed.

How come people are getting transformed so suddenly? Because this does not take much time. Yesterday you were very ordinary. Today you are transformed. Just 24 hours. And it's irreversible and permanent. So what more can somebody ask for? Poor people in villages are dancing in joy and they call their dance "The dance of Freedom". Even the richest man in Karnataka cannot have 1/1000th of their joy. And ofcourse along with this joy you will also become prosperous. The mind is so clear. Whatever they touch, it is successful.

Question: What are the means to become happy?
Sri Kalki: To me happiness is when you help others. But helping others is not so easy. When I do this Neuro-Biologial transformation, you naturally feel like helping others. And as you help others you become happy. You can try and see. When you help you become happy. But you must be naturally helping others, which is a state of mind.

Question: How is it going to be in the next 10 years?

Sri Kalki: I am producing Enlightened people by the hundreds everyday. Soon its going to be an explosion. I will say this is the last phase of man. It is like - Man has been building a house for so many thousands of years now. And 2004 to 2012 is the grahapravesham. Man has reached the final stage after all these years of struggle. You will see a very different world, which you cannot even imagine now and it will happen very fast. Very very fast.

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